SNAP allows you to print labels by providing a csv file of records to be printed. Make sure your label printer is set up before attempting this process.


To access this portion of SNAP, first click on 'Add' in the Job section. From there, select 'Print Labels'.


Next, select the Datatype to print. For this example we are going to print Bin labels (WHLabel)

print 2.png

In this example the only column needed is 'Bin'. So our .csv file will only need to contain 1 column with that data. Select the .csv file in the 'Filename' section.

print 3.png

Also select your printer from the dropdown menu. If you do not have anything in the dropdown, see the Label Printer section to set up your printer.

Once you've selected your file and printer, click 'OK' to complete the job setup

Finally, highlight the job you've just created and click 'Run' to begin printing labels

print 4.png


Watch a tutorial video here: