The top navigation bar is the main navigation area for the Admin Console:

  • Home: This is the landing page for the admin console. Reports and other information is displayed here
  • Warehouse: The warehouse tab holds views for your Company, Warehouses, Bins and Parts / Inventory
  • Orders: The orders tab is where views for Shipping Orders, Receiving Orders, Print Jobs and Wave Picking can be found
  • Contacts: Contacts refers to your customer contacts and vendors
  • Reports: Links to your existing reports from the classic admin console

The left navigator bar displays related information to whichever menu you are on. Typically, it will display views for that object:

This is the Orders left navigation bar. Here are the descriptions of each level on this menu

  • Shipping Orders - Shows all categories and views related to Shipping Orders
  • Default - This is the category under the Shipping Orders section

Under the Default category there are a number of views. There are built in views for each section. See the Creating / Editing Views topic to add more views