Views in the Admin Console can be customized in a number of ways. This can make day-to-day managing your orders and inventory easier.

The following pages allows you to customize views:

Module Subcategory (side navigation bar)
  • Bins
  • Warehouse
  • Companies
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory
  • Parts
  • Shipping Orders
  • Receiving Orders
  • Print Jobs
  • Wave Picking
  • Work Orders
  • Cross Dock Orders
  • Clients
  • Vendors

Note:  Each category and subcategory will show the information related to that page. For example, bin information may show in the Inventory View because inventory is related to bins. However, bins are not related to orders, so you will not be able to put bin information on an order view.

For each object (Bins, Parts, Shipping Orders, etc), you can create a custom view and customize the following aspects:

  • View names and categories - Each view can be given it's own unique name and category to help organize your experience
  • Fields can be added or removed so you only see what you need to see
  • Column Order - you can decide where the fields are displayed and move them around as needed
  • Filters - These are a powerful tool in customizing your views. Filters are based on fields related to the object. For example, you can set a filter on Shipping Type to only see your orders with 'FedEx 2 Day' as a shipping method
  • Record Sort - Sort the list based on any field. For example, you can set your orders to be displayed in the order of oldest / newest.