Views in the Admin Console can be customized in a number of ways. This can make day to day management of your orders and inventory a much easier task.

For each object (Bins, Parts, Shipping Orders, etc), you can create a custom view and customize the following aspects:

  • View names and categories - Each view can be given it's own unique name and category to help organize your experience
  • Fields can be added or removed so you only see what you need to see
  • Column Order - you can decide where the fields are displayed and move them around as needed
  • Filters - These are a powerful tool in customizing your views. Filters are based on fields related to the object. For example, you can set a filter on Shipping Type to only see your orders with 'FedEx 2 Day' as a shipping method
  • Record Sort - Sort the list based on any field. For example, you can set your orders to be displayed in order of oldest / newest.