If you experience the Extensiv Warehouse Manager application closing abruptly while using your barcode scanner it may be one of the following issues.

Dropped Network Connection

The most common cause of and abrupt application close is a lack of a network connection when trying to access pages that require server access

  • When the barcode scanner goes to sleep, it shuts down it's WiFi connection to save battery power. Consider extending the time that the barcode scanner stays on by adjusting the power settings in the control panel
  • When a user picks up a gun that has gone to sleep, press the scan trigger to wake it up. Give the device up to 10 seconds to re-connect to WiFi before trying to perform any activity in the Warehouse Manager application

The connection icon (upside down T) should not have a red X through it. If it does, wait 10 seconds for the barcode scanner to reconnect. If the red X does not clear, check your network configuration.