The topShelf software for handheld barcode scanners is designed for the Windows CE operating system. The requirements for installing the Windows CE application are:

  • Windows CE 5, 6 or 7
  • .NET Framework 2

While the topShelf application will work on almost all devices that meet these requirements, there are a few models that have been tested and approved to work best with the topShelf application. Windows Mobile is not supported at this time.

Wireless Scanners

The Datalogic Skorpio X3 and Falcon X3 have proven to be the most flexible and cost effective mobile barcode scanners that work with topShelf.

They come in a variety of options such as:

  • Normal and long range scanning capability
  • 1d and 2d barcode compatibility

Other models such as the Datalogic Elf and Motorola MC series are also compatible with topShelf, providing they meet the above requirements.

Wired Scanners

Wired barcode scanners can also be used in conjunction with a desktop PC or laptop using our page. These options are very cost effective but lack the WiFi portability. Often customers will use a wired barcode scanner on their shipping desk PC for use with topShelf and other shipping applications.

topShelf can provide barcode scanners at a highly competitive rate. If you have existing barcode scanners you would like to use or if you wish to acquire equipment on your own, please make sure to check with a topShelf rep to ensure compatibilty

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