After configuring your internet access, open up Internet Explorer by going to ‘Start – Programs – Internet Explorer

  • Click into the address bar at the top of the screen and enter the following address: and press Enter

The 'Download Extensiv Warehouse Manager Device Software' page should load. If the page fails to load, check your network status to ensure a valid connection is present.

  • Select your device from the 'Device' drop down menu. If you are using a Datalogic Skorpio X3 or Falcon X3, select 'X3' from the dropdown.
  • Next, select the 'Initial Install' file from the 'File to Download' dropdown
  • Make sure ‘Save this Program to disk’ is selected and click ‘OK
  • Double click the ‘Flashdisk’ folder and click ‘OK’ to save file in the Flashdisk folder. If the file is not saved in the Flashdisk folder the installation will not compete successfully.
  • Click ‘Close’ once the download finishes and close Internet Explorer, bringing you back to the desktop.
  • Open ‘My Device’ and open up the ‘Flashdisk’ folder.
  • Double click the ‘InitialInstall.exe’ file to run
  • Ensure the ‘Extract to:’ location reads “\Flashdisk\”. Click the ‘Extract’ Button
  • Close all windows and perform a cold boot of the device (see Performing a Cold boot)