"Error 5 = An optional resource assembly cannot be found"

  • This error message is most commonly related to the absence of a valid network connection. Ensure that your network is not having any issues and also check your network configuration on the gun.

.NET Framework Errors

  • Try reinstalling the .NET framework on the device. The .NET framework installation file can be found @ dl.scoutsft.com. On the dl.scoutsft.com page, select 'NET CF' from the 'Device' dropdown menu. Save this to your device and double click the file to reinstall.

"Extensiv has detected that you may not be connected to a valid internet connection"

  • First, check your network configuration to ensure that the device has a valid IP address and status is 'Associated'.
  • If your network connection appears to be running correctly, check your host.ini file on the device. On Datalogic Skorpio and Falcon devices, the host.ini file can be found in the 'Flashdisk' folder.
  • The host.ini file should consist of your direct Extensiv¬†Warehouse Manager URL (mycompany.scoutsft.com), your main Warehouse Manager admin username and password. Please ensure that the credentials are correct and that the password is case sensitive.