This article outlines how to change additional recommended settings for the Datalogic Skorpio X3 and Falcon X3. If you are using another type device, please see your manufacturers documentation on how to perform these steps.

Auto Hide Taskbar

Some error messages in Extensiv Warehouse Manager appear at the bottom of the page. Hiding the task bar will make these error messages visible.


  • Navigate to ‘Start – Settings – Taskbar and Start Menu…’
  • Check ‘Auto hide’ box
  • Click 'OK' when finished

Backlight/Power Settings

When a device goes to 'sleep' or powers down, it will drop it's network connection. Increasing the power off timer will prevent the device from going to sleep as frequently, requiring less time to reconnect to

  • Navigate to ‘Start –Settings – Control Panel
  • Double click on ‘Backlight’ and navigate to the ‘Auto-Off’ Tab
  • Set both drop-down boxes to 5 minutes and click ‘OK
  • Open ‘Power’ Control Panel and repeat steps above and Click ‘OK


  • Navigate to ‘Start – Settings – Control Panel
  • Double click on ‘Volume & Sounds
  • Adjust volume as needed and click OK

Persistent Registry

When settings are changed they must be saved to the registry. This is done automatically every couple of hours, but to be sure perform the following steps to manually save your settings to the registry.

  • Navigate to ‘Start – Settings – Control Panel
  • Double Click on ‘Persistent Registry
  • Click on the ‘Persist’ Button and click OK