Setting up Wifi on a Datalogic Skorpio X3 or Falcon X3:

After receiving your barcode scanner the first step will be to set up WiFi connectivity. From the desktop on the device, navigate to ‘Start – Settings – Control Panel’ and select Wifi (Or SCU depending on device firmware version). From there follow these steps:

  • Select the ‘Profile’ Tab
  • Hit the ‘Scan’ button to scan for available wireless networks
  • Highlight the network you wish to connect to and click ‘Configure’. Click ‘Yes’ to make a new profile
  • Enter the wireless network password (if applicable)
  • Click ‘Commit’ to save the changes
  • Navigate back to the ‘Main’ tab and select your new profile as the ‘Active Profile’

To check connectivity navigate to the ‘Status’ tab. Status should be associated and there should be an IP listed. If you are having trouble connecting the device to your network refer to your internal IT staff as there may be special network configuration that is needed based upon your network setup.

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