New versions of the Extensiv Warehouse Manager Windows CE device software are released periodically for feature updates as well as routine maintenance and fixes. Always check for the latest version for your device.

Special Releases

The Warehouse Manager support staff may release a special update to your device for a number of reasons. If you have been instructed to update your device by a Warehouse Managersupport rep, perform the following steps: *Please note these update steps are for Datalogic Skorpio and Falcon devices. Speak to your Warehouse Manager support rep if you are using other types of hardware for update instructions

  • Please note your current device software version, it can be found in the upper right had corner of the Warehouse Manager login screen on the device.
  • From the desktop of the device, navigate to: ‘My Device – Flashdisk
  • Find and delete the ‘EtrackVersion.xml’ file.
  • Navigate back to the desktop and run the Warehouse Manager application.
  • This should initiate the ‘Application Updater’. When the process is complete you should get a message instructing you to perform a ‘Cold Boot

After the cold boot is completed, open the Warehouse Manager application. Note the updated version number.

If you receive any errors throughout the process, or your version number is not updated, please submit a support case with the specific errors / issues you are receiving.