There are a number of different barcode types available out there. Here are a couple of more commonly used barcode types:

Code 128

The code 128 barcode symbology is the most common type of barcode used with Extensiv Warehouse Manager. It is a versatile barcode that allows alpha-numeric characters and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


UPC-A, consists of 12 numerical digits, which are uniquely assigned to each trade item. Along with the related EAN barcode, the UPC is the barcode mainly used for scanning of trade items at the point of sale, per GS1 specifications.

The UPC-A barcode is a great way to use pre-existing barcodes with Warehouse Manager. See the Part setup guide for more details on how to add UPC's to Warehouse Manager

Data Matrix

Data Matrix barcodes are 2d barcodes. 2d barcodes can hold a larger amount of data in a smaller space, making them a great option for small products or fitting long character strings such as web URL's into a barcode.