Printing labels can be a great way to increase accuracy and efficiency in your warehouse. There are 2 main types of label printers to consider:

Direct Thermal

Direct Thermal label printers use a heated print head on special labels to create text and barcodes on their label stock. These types of printers are more cost effective and require less consumables.


  • No ribbon required
  • Less expensive hardware
  • Typically adequate for most applications


  • Lower resolution for detailed images, etc.
  • Labels fade/smear over time
  • Labels not recommended for outdoor or extreme conditions

Example Direct Thermal printer model: Zebra GK420d

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer label printers utilize a ribbon to imprint text and images on their label stock. These printers are typically ideal for higher quality labels that will last longer.


  • More durable label stock options
  • Longer lasting text / barcodes
  • Ideal for outdoor or extreme conditions
  • Can use both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels


  • More expensive printers
  • Extra cost in ribbons

Example Thermal Transfer model: Zebra GK420T

In order to print barcode labels using Extensiv Warehouse Manager, the printer must have either a direct ethernet port or WiFi capability. USB Printers are not supported at this time