There are a number of permissions that can be assigned to users of the Customer Portal. These permissions will determine what options are available to the user when viewing the customer portal.

Typically topShelf portal users will create a separate user group specifically for the Customer Portal users. To create a new group in the classic admin console, navigate to 'Admin > User Groups' and click the 'Add' button at the top of the page

First, give the User Group a name:

Next, check the box next to the permissions you wish to grant to the users in this group

Here are explanations of the permissions and the options to enable:

Permission Option Explanation
Search Gives the user access to search the specified object - Only applies to locations / Ship to Addresses
View View access to inventory and orders
Create Create Ship to Locations, Shipping / Receiving Orders, Work Orders
Edit Edit Orders and Order Lines
Delete Delete Orders and Order Lines


Permission Name Description
Inventory Totals Will hide/show 'Items' page in portal
Locations The ability to view and create ship to / receiving locations in orders
Lot Inventory Totals Will hide/show 'Lot Inventory' page in portal
Master Documents Ability to see / tie orders to a master document in portal orders and work orders
Orders Will hide/show Shipping Orders
Orders Detail Shipping Order Lines
Portal Assets Will hide/show 'Assets' page in portal
Portal Settings Will hide/show Portal Settings page
Receiving Will hide/show Receiving Orders
Receiving Detail Receiving Order Lines
Work Orders Will hide/show Work Orders
Work Orders Detail Work Order Lines