The Customer Portal is a topShelf license that needs to be assigned to a specific user.

First you will create a user in topShelf by navigating to 'Admin > Users' in the admin console

2 Next, click the 'Add' button to add a new user

3 Fill out the information as you would with any other user

Note the 'Web User Name' will be the login the customer will use. In the above example, it would be 'brian@bgilman'

4 Next, select the user group that you want to assign this user to

You may want to set up a separate user group just for your portal users, or multiple user groups to define different levels of portal access. See the 'Customer Portal Permissions' topic for more information.

5 The last step in the user creation is to lock the user into a single inventory location. Click Save at the top of the page when completed.

Where you lock your users into will depend on the configuration option you are using. For example, you will lock the user into their specific location if you have your warehouse segregated by customer. Or you will lock them into your main warehouse if you want them to have visibility over all inventory.

6 Last, you will need to assign the Customer Portal license to the user. This can only be done by the main admin user in topShelf.

On the 'Admin > Users' page, you should see the 'Assign User Licenses' button if you are logged in as the main admin. Click the Assign User Licenses button

Check the 'Client View' or 'Customer Portal' checkbox next to the user you wish to grant portal access to. Click Save