To complete your Technical Count By Bin from the mobile interface, you will navigate to Inventory>Guided Count.

When counts are created from the New Admin Console, they will be located under Guided Count regardless of whether they are Blind Counts or Technical Counts.

Select Guided count.JPG

Next, enter your Cycle Count Number.

Select cycle count.JPG

Scan the Bin that you would like to count.

scan bin.JPG

Scan the Part that you would like to count.  You can click on the Parts To Count dropdown to display the list of Parts to be counted.

scan part.JPG

Enter the counted Part QTY.  

scan part and enter qty.JPG

Do the same for the rest of the parts in the bin.  The system will notify you that there are no more parts expected in the bin.  Click Done With Bin.

No more parts expected.JPG

Follow the same steps for the remaining Bins.  Once you are finished, the following message will be displayed letting you know that the Cycle Count is complete.

finished cc5.JPG