*Caution* This step must be carefully reviewed as it changes current inventory counts.

Once you have reviewed the current cycle count report and verified that all data looks accurate, the next step is to commit those values to inventory.

Navigate to 'Admin - Cycle Count - Commit Cycle Count Values'.

Commit Cycle Count Values admin page.PNG

Enter the date and optional BIN you wish to work with.

CycleCount Commit Admin.PNG

Carefully review the data that comes up. The QtyFound number will be the final inventory number once you submit this. If you wish to leave some of the lines out, simply uncheck the 'Update' check box to omit it from committing.

After clicking Submit, you should receive a message similar to this:

Succesfully updated 13 item/quantity locations. 12/4/2013 3:59:34 PM

If you now check your current inventory reports, you'll notice they have been updated.