To Cycle Count on Mobile, log into the Mobile app or log into in a Chrome or Mozilla browser. Click into the Inventory Sub menu.

To Cycle count your will either select Blind Count or Technical Count. Please note that Assets and Lot Inventory can only be counted through Technical Count.


Blind Count

Begin Blind count by typing or scanning the bin that you intend to count.

Next, scan or enter the part that you would like to count and the quantity that you find in the bin.


You will see a running tally of your counts as you go, as you can see in the screenshot above.


Technical Count

Select Technical Count from the Inventory Menu screen.

Enter the Bin you would like to count. Then Enter the part name. Note that you will see all parts that are expected to be in that bin.

Enter the Quantity, Lot Number and QTY Or Serial number depending on which type of product you are counting.




Once you have completed for that particular bin, you will be asked to sign your name. Then you are ready to count the next bin.