Cycle counting is an effective tool for recitfying current inventory. It is a tool for counting exactly what is in your warehouse. Cycle Counts can be performed via the Handheld Barcode Scanner or the Mobile application. On both the device and the mobile applicatiuon there are two types of cycle counts; Technical Count and Blind Count.

Cycle Counts on Device:

Counts on Mobile:

Blind Count: Blind count will allow the user to go from Bin to Bin and simply count quantites of items in each bin. There is no information given to the user as to what the system is currently holding in the bin being counted. You can only count Items with Blind Count.

Technical Count: Technical count allows you to count bin quatities of Items, Assets and Lots. Technical Count provides the user with Cycle expected list of parts and expected quantites of the bin. You can only count quantites of Assets and Lot Product with Technical count.

Once a cycle count is completed, inventory quantites are not updated until a review of the counts is done and the cycle count cvalues are committed. If you go into the Web admin console and from the menu on the top bar go to Admin>Cycle Counts, you can review a report of cycle counts by date.

Open the report for the date the cycle count was done.

Review the values and discrepencies.

Then open the Commit Cycle Count Values for the date in question.

This option opens this screen:

Select and modify the values that you would like to update and then select Submit Selected Values. Your inventory quantities will be updated accordingly and reflected in topShelf.