From the New Admin Console you are able to print out documents such as Pick Lists, Pack Lists, Invoices etc.  This can be done one order at a time or for multiple orders at once.  Navigate to one of your order views and click the check box next to the Order(s) you would like to print.  Next click on the "Print" button and a drop down menu will appear where you can select the document you would like to print. 

doc print.JPG

The order will open in a new window as a PDF.  If it is a large order or if you have selected multiple orders, it will be be moved to the Print Jobs section where the print job will be created.  Larger Print Jobs will take longer to generate.

Recent jobs.JPG

From here you can open or download the document to print it.

If you have very large documents or a large batch of orders that you would like to print you have the option of using the Print To New Tab function.  This skips the process of creating a PDF and sends the documents to your browser where they can be printed.  This method works much faster for large print jobs.

The steps for Print To New Tab are the same as standard printing but you are selecting the document from the "Print To New Tab" dropdown instead of the "Print" dropdown.

print to new tab.JPG