Setting up a user is a critical first step in establishing your topShelf account. Once a user gains access to topShelf, fulfillment tool functionality will transform your business with a truly mobile inventory management system.

Logging In

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to log in via the Classic Admin Console before you can access the topShelf Unlimited platform, which will be your access point going forward. 
info.png If you are already using topShelf Unlimited, select that option from the drop-down menu, enter your username and password, and then skip to the "Adding a New User" section below.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console page and select Classic Admin Console from the drop-down menu.

  2. Enter your master admin username and password and click Sign In. You can find your master admin username and password in the the email you first received from a Scout support representative when you purchased topShelf. If you can't find the email, please contact the Scout Support team.

  3. Once you are logged in, click Try topShelf Unlimited in the top right-hand corner to switch to the topShelf Unlimited platform. 

Adding a User

  1. From the topShelf Overview page, click on the gear icon to access the Settings Home page.
  2. Next, select Users.
  3. From the User Administration panel, click Add.
  4. Fill out all of the highlighted fields as shown in the example below. Be sure to select a Group for the new user. See Assigning Users to a Group for more information about groups and permissions.
  5. After clicking Save, a welcome email with a temporary login password is automatically sent to the new user.

Adding a User License

Now that you have created a new user, it's time to assign a license. The type of license will determine whether the user can access the Admin site via a web portal or through a mobile device (e.g., cell phone, scanner gun).

info.png A user license only determines the way a user can access the system. To assign permissions that allow/restrict what a user can do once in the system, see Editing Group Permissions.

  1. From topShelf Overview > Settings > Add User (as described above), navigate to the User Administration panel.
  2. Select Assign User Licenses.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the license you want to assign to the new user. While the most common types of licenses are website and mobile, additional licenses may be available depending on your plan.

    Website license: User can access through a web portal. The web application is best utilized on an internet browser and provides administrator access to various modules of the platform. This is the default designation when a user license is added.
    Mobile license: User can access through any mobile device (e.g., cell phone, tablet) or through the the mobile app on scan guns. The mobile application is used to execute all transactions related to the activities in your warehouse.

  4. Click Save. The license now appears next to the new user.
    Note: After saving, a welcome email with a temporary login password is automatically sent to the new user.​​​​​​​