Establishing a user in topShelf first is a critical step as this opens the door to using topShelf fulfillment tool functionality. Once a user is created with the licenses to access the fufillment tool, smartphones, tablets and barcode scanners will take you away from the punching in inventory numbers behind the desk to a to a truely mobile inventory management system.

Logging in

Upon purchasing or using a trial version of topShelf, you will receive an email from a Scout, Inc support representative. This email will include your master admin username and password. This email will naviagate you to topShelfs Admin Console.

*Please note: The master admin password CANNOT be changed, so make sure to save this information.

Creating Users

You can create and manage users in the topShelf admin console by navigating to settings wheel in the upper right hand corner of the screen

Now click, the widget tool

Select the 'Users' icon to bring you to the User Administration page.

Next, click the 'Add' button

Fill out all of the blue fields as shown in the example below. After clicking the 'Save' button a welcome email will be sent to the new user containing a temporary password. If you change the users email address before the first login, you will have to reset the password after the email address has been verified.

**Please Note: Security Groups: For this required fild use the dropdown and click admin, we will review this user feature setting in more depth post quick steps set up.

Assigning User License

After creating your new user, you must then assign that user a license.

Select, 'Assign User License'

Next, tab the checkboxs to the new user permission to access the system. The type of license will determine what area of topShelf that user can access.

License Breakdown

Website license: is Admin Console permission

Mobile license: is any smartphone, tablet or web broswer access to the fulifllment side of topShelf.

Device license: is access on a compatible barcode scanner to topShelf.

Click 'Save' and you will notice your new users licenses appear on the far right column.