Setting up your company

To began creating your Company select 'Warehouse' from the admin console control bar.

Next, click 'Create the Company'

Enter the Company Name, an Account Number (if you dont have an account number you can use the company name again) and an email associated with your Company.

Setting up your warehouse/s

After creating your company, click the buttom under the Warehouses header.

You may already have a warehouse name in mind as defining your warehouse name is up to you.

Setting up a Bin

Q: Now what is a Bin?

A bin can be a shelf location, a room or a location within your warehouse. A bin is simply a place for inventory to reside in topShelf

From creating your warehouse you will find a Bins tab bringing you to another button to create your first bin. You will notice your company and warehouse will be autofilled.

Q: Is there currently a numbering system or an organization to your warehouse bins?

Yes! In that case bins can be entered manually in topShelf or imported via a spreadsheet import with our SNAP tool (Please download file below)

No :( please refer to an example of

If you would like to Import into topShelf, please press the link and follow the steps on how to set up SNAP topShelf's import/export tool.

Download Bins Template