How is a Part Defined?

A part is the master record for all inventory. If your product has a serial number, lot number, or any other type of part, it will have a part record in topShelf. When you create a part in topShelf, it does NOT add quantity of your product, it simply allows for that product to be entered into the system.

Understanding Part Types

  • ITEM : any part that does not contain a serial number or lot number for tracking purposes
  • ASSET : any part that requires tracking by serial number
  • LOT : any part that requires tracking by a lot number

Ways to Add Parts

Create a Part

To began creating your Parts select 'Inventory' from the admin console control bar.

Next, Navigate to parts on the left hand side bar

Enter 'Part Name (SKU)' (This is the main name associated with the part. May be alpha-numeric part number. Typically under 19 characters for barcoding )

Enter or Select 'Vendor' (Specifies which vendor your purchase this part from) *If you do not have a vendor created you can quickly add on by clicking the spy glass button, clicking

How to Import your Parts

If you would like to Import into topShelf, please press the link and follow the steps on how to set up SNAP topShelf's import/export tool.

Download Parts Template

Download Parts with all information

Sync Parts from your Existing Systems

Playing well with others allows topShelf to streamline vital information to run daily operations. Combining forces with tools in use results in flexibility, scalability and power.

If you would like sync your part data into topShelf, please find the integration for you and be sure to review the instructions.

TopShelf Integrations

Caution: If you choose to go this direction, thuroghly read the Setup / Configuration document or contact your Scout Support Representative.