Ways to Add Inventory

Import your Inventory

If you would like to Import into topShelf, please press the link and follow the steps on how to set up SNAP topShelf's import/export tool. Please select the templates that applies to you.

Once again for reference:

  • ITEM : any part that does not contain a serial number or lot number for tracking purposes
  • ASSET : any part that requires tracking by serial number
  • LOT : any part that requires tracking by a lot number

Download Items Template

Download Assets Template

Download Lot Template

Cycle Counting

There are two types of cycle counting available through topShelf. Blind Count and Technical Count.

Blind Count: Blind Count allows the user to go form bin to bin counting what is in the bin. topShelf does not provide any information about what is supposed to be in the bin. The user will simply count what is there. Blind count can only be used to count items. (Non-serialized, non-lotted inventory).

Technical Count: Technical Count will guide the user through counting each bin by displaying what the system currently has in that bin and allowing the user to count items against that list. Technical count should be used for counting Assets and Lot Product.

To Cycle count your will either select Blind Count or Technical Count. Please note that Assets and Lot Inventory can only be counted through Technical Count.

Blind Count

To begin Blind count by typing or scanning the bin that you intend to count.

Next, scan or enter the part that you would like to count and the quantity that you find in the bin.

You will see a running tally of your counts as you go, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Once you have completed for that particular bin, you will be asked to sign your name. Then you are ready to count the next bin.

*Caution* This step must be carefully reviewed as it changes current inventory counts.

Once you have reviewed the current cycle count report and verified that all data looks accurate, the next step is to commit those values to inventory.

Navigate to 'Admin - Cycle Count - Commit Cycle Count Values'.

Adding Inventory

Adding Inventory allows users to add items, assets or lots WITHOUT a transaction. You can track this activity by looking under the 'Audit' report section.

Navigating to the 'Inventory' tab on the fulfillement, select 'Add Inventory'

You may scan, type, lookup your part.

Then, enter scan, type, lookup or tap the the drop-down

Now that you have laid out the ground work to topShelf, there are other functionalites to set up and walk though. Please see the list below: