The topShelf Integration Manager page is used to set up and manage integrations with topShelf. To view specific integration documentation, click on the integration in the 'Integrations' section of this help guide.

It can be accessed in the admin console under 'Admin > My Account '. If you are logged in as the main admin user you will see a 'Manage Integrations' link at the bottom of the My Account page.

Alternatively, you can access the integration manager by navigating to the following link:

** Note ** You must login to the integration manager with you main admin account with topShelf.

Once logged into the integration manager, you will see 'Add _____ License' buttons at the top of the page. These will appear based upon which integration licenses you have purchased with topShelf

If you have purchased an integration licenses but do not see it listed here, please contact your Scout rep.

Process Integration Button

In most of the integration pages in the integration manager, you will see a 'Process Integration' button listed. Typically integrations are set to run every 10 minutes, but pressing this button will kick off the integration manually.