In order to build a Kit from your device, you must first create a Kit Request.

To build a Kit from your device start by navigating to Inventory > Kits > Build Kits.

Enter your Request # and click "Open".

Build Kit.JPG

Next, select a WIP bin (Process Bin) for the Kit to be picked into.

Select WIP.JPG

Select the first Part you would like to pick and then enter or scan the Bin that it will be picked from.  Enter the QTY and click Save.  Do the same for the remaining parts to be included in the kit and click Next.

Select a bin.JPG

From here you will select the number of Kits to be built and click Verify and Build.

Verify and Build.JPG

Click Yes to confirm that you want to build the requested number of kits.

Are you sure.JPG

Your Kits are now built available in inventory.