Building a Kit from the Mobile interface is done by navigating to Inventory > Build Kits.  From there you can either enter the Kit Request Number or Search for it based on a given timeframe.

Build Kit Search.JPG


Once the Kit Request is selected, you will choose your WIP Bin (Process Bin) and click Submit.

Build Kit Select Process Bin.JPG


The Gather Kit Parts page will be displayed.  This shows information about the Kit and the Parts that are to be picked.  Parts outlined in red are still waiting to be picked.

Gather Kit Parts.JPG


Enter or scan the Bin that the 1st part is being picked from and enter the QTY then click Pick.  "Item has been picked" will be displayed and you can click the Kit Lines button to return to the Gather Kit Parts page.

Kit Item Has Been Picked.JPG


After all of the parts for the Kit have been picked, click the Build Part button.  From the Build Kit Parts page, enter the desired QTY of Kits to be built and click Build. 

Build Kit Parts Final.JPG


Your Kit has been built into the Process Bin.