Before building a kit you must first create the Kit Request. This can be done from the Admin Console or from the Mobile Interface.

Kit Requests From Admin Console

Kit requests are created from the Admin Console by navigating to Create > Kit Requests.  From there you will enter the final production part name and the QTY requested as well as any Notes.  Click Save and the Request Number will be generated automatically. 

Kit Requests From Mobile

Kit Requests are created from the Mobile interface by navigating to Inventory>Create Kit Request.

Enter the PartName to be created and the QTY that you would like to create.  A request # will be automatically generated, or you can enter one manually.

Click Create.

kit request mobile.JPG

Enter the name of the Process Bin that you would like to create the Kit into and click Submit.

kit request mobile wip 1.JPG

Your Kit Request has been created.