This is the User Edit page found under 'Admin - users - Edit user'. This is where all information associated with a user can be defined or changed. See the table below for descriptions of each field.

Click here for a video on creating users

Field Description
First Name Users first name.
Last Name Users last name.
Web User Name

User name that will be used when logging into the Admin web site, the Mobile Order Entry (MOE) site.

Device User name This is the user name for logging into a handheld scanner device. Generally shorter than typical user name
Email Email address of the user. Will be used to communicate all changes to the users accout. [Change Email] Button allows you to change the email address of the user
Unconfirmed Email This field will be blank until the user responds to the Welcome Email
Phone Phone number associated with the user
Address Address associated with the user
Receive emails from Scout about: Check these boxes if you'd like to receive notifications about TOPSHELF system status, news, and new products from Scout, Inc.
Security: Password [Reset Password] Clicking this button will reset the users' password and send an Email to the email account associated with the user.
Security: Group Select which user group this user will be associated with
Setting Client & Location

User will be locked into a specified client and location if these fields are defined. The user will not be able to view or manage inventory outside of the specified location