This article reviews the most common questions we anticipate customers having in regard to Extensiv’s product unification project.

What does product unification look like?

Think of it as a hub of sorts. This hub will be home to all your Extensiv needs over time. As the experience grows, you’ll not only have access to the Extensiv products you currently own in one place, you’ll also have visibility into the other products we offer. As well as a centralized repository of our help centers, API documentation, technical support, and more.

Why are you unifying the experience?

Providing the new experience of our integrated suite of intuitive, best-in-class warehouse, inventory, order, and integration management platforms give third-party logistics and brands the flexibility, scale, and competitive value needed to fulfill demand without changing platforms.

These additional measures will also help further improve your and our security posture. This effort brings us one step closer to achieving and maintaining SOC 2 compliance.

When are you unifying the experience?

The remainder of the year, we’ll be focused on deploying Extensiv Hub—a portal to unify the product experience—helping you and your users leverage unique, user-specific email addresses and deprecating the old, product-specific URLs you’ve used to access your various solutions.

What do I have to do?

If you haven’t already confirmed your email address by August 21, you’ll be required to in order to access Warehouse Manager (formerly topShelf). Once everyone has confirmed their email address, we will begin phase three of this project, where you must adopt the new URL. This URL will be the same for everyone and will start your user experience in the unified Extensiv Hub.

You can read more about each phase below.

What else should I know?

Most importantly, your and your customer’s email addresses need to be legitimate and the email you’ll want to use to access all products. One email to rule them all. When we begin to redirect users to the Extensiv Hub, we’ll be prompting you to verify your email address by navigating to your email inbox and verifying.

You should also know that we’ll be updating our product’s branding to align with the new look of Extensiv. There will be no changes to functionality in order to achieve this update.

Will this be an additional cost?


Do all our customers have to provide valid emails?

Order Manager (formerly Skubana) and Integration Manager (formerly CartRover) users have already been leveraging their email addresses for access, so only Warehouse Manager and 3PL Warehouse Manager users will be prompted to provide unique emails during this portion of the project.

What should I do if my email address changes after I submit it?

During the project and migration to Extensiv Hub, you can simply change your email address in the user configuration experience of each product.

Can users have extended email addresses to have multiple logins for the same email?

Yes, this is possible. Please confirm with your IT team and security practices to ensure you’re following best practices.

What are the phases of this project, and how will my experience change between each?

Phase 1: Up until August 21, after logging into your account, you’ll be prompted to enter/confirm your email address. This must be unique and will become your username when we launch the Extensiv Hub. During this phase, you can bypass the confirmation.

Phase 2: Starting on August 21 for Warehouse Manager, after logging into your account, you’ll be prompted to enter/confirm your email address if you haven’t done so already. During this phase, you cannot bypass the confirmation. This must be unique and will become your username when we launch the Extensiv Hub.

Phase 3: Exact date still to be determined. After you log in to your application, you’ll be rerouted to the Extensiv Hub for inbox validation. Once validation is successful, you’ll then be routed to Extensiv Hub to access your product(s). During this phase, you’ll still be able to access the various products from their direct and unique URLs.

Phase 4: Exact date still to be determined. It’s during this phase that you’ll be automatically rerouted to the Extensiv Hub from every login experience. There will no longer be direct access to the products from unique login URLs.