topShelf Order Picking can be run in a couple of different modes. Which mode you use will depend on company to company and how you perform your day to day operations. Switching between guided and standard order pick will require a request to

*Guided order pick is available on device versions 1.0.5613.28025 and later. Your device version is found on the upper right hand corner of the device login page. is compatible with guided order pick

Guided Order Pick

Guided order pick will arrange the lines on an order and guide the user to the first alphabetical bin to get the product for the order.


Order 0001 has 2 products on it

  • Product 1 - Located in Bin C-01-04
  • Product 2 - Located in Bin B-02-01

When this order is opened the device will send the user to Bin B-01-01 first to pick Product 2, since it is the first alphabetical bin. There are options in guided order pick to select a different bin if you do not wish to pick from the bin selected by the system.

Click here for step by step guide to Guided Order Picking

See the following video for more information