The No Stock button is a way for the pickers to perform an on the fly cycle count.

If topShelf has inventory of a product, it will send the user to the bin to pick it. If a user goes to that location and does not find any inventory, they can use the 'No Stock' button on the order pick page (bottom right)

Pressing the No Stock button will flag that part in that bin as being unpickable and send the user to the next part on the order. Until the 'Not Found Commit' function is used, the part in this bin will be skipped over until the 'No Stock' flag is cleared.

To view parts marked as 'No Stock' in your system, open the 'Inventory Reviews Needed' report in topShelf under 'Reports > Inventory > Inventory Reviews Needed'

To clear the products marked as No Stock, navigate on the device to 'Inventory > Not Found Commit'

If there are parts currently marked as No Stock, the device will send the user to the first bin for not found products. Scan or type the bin name into the field:

Next, the device will ask 'Is there any stock of part xxxx?'

  • Clicking Yes to this prompt will simply clear the 'No Stock' flag and return the part to a pickable status
  • Clicking No to this prompt will zero out the inventory of that part in the bin