The non-guided version of order pick does not automatically select which parts / bins the user will pick. It will allow the user to select any part to begin picking. This mode may be better for more non conventional warehouse models

1 Navigate on the device to 'Shipping/Receiving' and click the Order Pick menu option

2Enter the Order number in the text box (Doc Number)

  • You can use the spyglass search option to look up orders by date, client or part

3After the order is opened, the focus will land on the PN or Part Name field. You can scan a part here when the field is highlighted blue. You can also select a part from the grid above

4Next, the focus will go to the bin field, or you may have to tap into the field if the part was selected rather than scanned. You will get a popup box showing which bins the product can be found in. Scan or type the bin into the field. *Note, if you do not have inventory of that product, the pop up box will be empty

5Last, enter the QTY to be picked and hit the 'Save' button, or the enter key on your device

Other options on this screen:

  • Print Doc # - This will print out the order number barcode to a label printer set up in topShelf
  • UoM - Click this to enter a Unit of Measure for the product being picked. The unit of measure must be set up for each part
  • Refresh - The QTY picked does not automatically refresh on the non guided order pick screen. Press the refresh icon to update the information on the page at any time