There are 2 modes that the device / mobile app can operate in with Receiving. Speak to your Scout support rep to set your devices to either one

Single Bin Receiving

This mode requires the user to first scan the receiving location. After the receiving bin is scanned, it does not need to be set again unless the user wants to change the receiving bin. If you are receiving all of your products into a single location, this may be the best option for you.

*Single bin receiving is only available on device versions 2.0.6177.23582 (2.00.86) or higher. Your device version can be found in the upper right hand corner of the login page on the device. The Mobile app and pages are updated with these changes automatically.

Direct Put Away Receiving

This mode of receiving will prompt the user for the bin location for each part being received. This mode works best if you are receiving inventory directly into a shelf bin for example, since you will need to provide a separate bin scan for each part on the Receiving Order. This mode also utilizes the 'Put Away Bin' feature, which allows the user to specify a preferred bin location for a part.