Replenishments allow you to maintain product inventory above a set quantity in a bin or set of bins. Replenishments are fulfilled from other bins in TopShelf, so this workflow is applicable for products that exist in multiple bins where there is a minimum desired inventory level for one or more (but not all) of those bins. 


In the TopShelf Admin console ( click on the Warehouse tab on the top navigation panel:

In the left navigation panel, click Replenishments and then Replenishment Configuration:


The Replenishment Configuration page has 5 Steps; Setup Bin Tag Rank, Setup Bint Tags, Allocation Setting (optional), Cart Setup (optional), and Replenishment Levels. Work through these steps in order.



The bin tag rank is used to determine appropriate source bins for Replenishments. By default the flow of inventory will be Overstock Bin => Let-Down Bin => Pick Bin, however custom tags can also be used. As an example, if a Replenishment is started for a bin tagged as a Pick Bin, TopShelf will first try to source the replenishment from a bin tagged as a Let-Down Bin and then from a bin tagged as an Overstock Bin if there is not sufficient inventory in any of the Let-Down Bins. Bins MUST be tagged (Step 2) with a tag included in this rank to be considered for replenishments.



If you have not already set up bin tags you can do so in Step 2. Note that it may be helpful to edit this view to include Tags if they aren’t already visible. 


Select the bins you want to tag:

Click the Tags drop down:

And select the appropriate tags for the selected bins:



The default is for replenishments to take into account inventory that is allocated to orders. This will ensure that your replenishments can be performed in a timely manner with consideration for orders that need to be fulfilled. If you would not like to consider allocated inventory select then check the box and click Save Allocation Change.



Any Process Bin can be used for replenishments. If you don’t have any process bins or want to add some more you can do so in the Add New Replenishment Cart tab. Process bins can be assigned to a specific replenishment in the mobile app when starting a replenishment.




Replenishments Levels are required for TopShelf to determine when replenishments are needed. A Replenishment Level consists of a Replenishment Level QTY and a Desired QTY for a given Part. When the Part inventory drops below the Replenishment Level QTY then the part will be available for replenishment in the Mobile app. The Replenishment quantity will be sufficient to increase the part inventory to the set Desired QTY. Replenishment Levels can be set by Tag or by Bin, but in both cases the flow of inventory will be determined by the Tag Rank set in Step 1. Below is an example of Replenishment Levels for a part set by Tag for both the Pick Bin, and the Let-Down Bin tags.

Notice that the QTY on Hand for PartA in bins tagged as Pick Bin are below our set Replenishment Level QTY. A Replenishment can now be created in the Mobile App.




Open the mobile app ( and login. Click Bin Move from the main menu:

Click Replenishments:

Click View In Progress to view In Progress Replenishments. Click View Bin Replenishments to view parts needing replenishment for Replenishment Levels set by Bin. Click View Tag Replenishments to view parts needing replenishment for Replenishment Levels set by Tag.

In this example there is a part needing replenishment by Tag.

Select 1 or more parts needing replenishment and click Start. All selected parts will be included in the created Replenishment. If you want to use a Cart for the replenishment select Yes in the pop-up prompt. Using a Cart is recommended.

Scan the Cart that will be used for the Replenishment:

Click Start when you are ready to create the Replenishment. You will now be prompted to pick the parts on the Replenishment:




Once all the parts on the Replenishment have been retrieved you will be prompted to put the parts away. It is recommended that this is done as soon as possible to maintain inventory at the desired levels. Parts on an In Progress Replenishment can’t be added to another Replenishment.

You will now be prompted to put away the parts on the Replenishment:

Notice in the above image that you can put away the part to any bin (e.g. binB or binA) that has the tag associated with the current Replenishment.


Once the Replenishment is complete, it will no longer be viewable in the mobile app:


However it can now be viewed in the Admin Console. Below Replenishment Configuration you can select a Replenishment view. 

Selecting the view All, the Replenishment that was just created can be seen:

Click View to see more details: