Creating an Advanced Wave in topShelf will give the user more direction and organization as they work through the warehouse. Advanced waves typically utilize a pick cart loaded with totes to help the user organize the products as they pick them.

To create an advanced wave, simply select the orders to add to the wave and click the 'Create Wave' dropdown at the top of the page. When presented with wave options, select 'Create an Advanced Wave'

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1. Pickers

The first screen will allow you to name the wave and choose your pickers:

Field Description
Wave Name (Optional) Give your wave a unique name. If left blank it will be auto-assigned a unique wave number (WPxxx)
Number of Pickers This option is used if you want to split the wave among multiple users. Enter 1 if you want a single user to pick the entire wave
Choose Pickers (Optional) Select from a list of topShelf users to assign the wave to. If none are selected the wave will be open for anybody to pick

2. Splitting Work

If more than 1 picker is entered into step 1 (pickers), you will have the option to split the wave among pickers. If only 1 picker is selected in the first step, this section will be skipped.

Option Description
Split orders across pickers This option will evenly split the wave among the pickers. Ex. if the wave has 100 orders and 2 pickers, each picker will get 50 orders from the wave
Using Zones to split up the warehouse This options allows you to split the wave across pre-defined zones in the warehouse

3. Configurations

The configurations section will determine if you are using a pick cart with totes. Additionally, you can specify how the wave will be configured within the cart. Currently, the only option is to assign one order per tote.

4. Template

The last option in the create wave popup will allow you to save this set of configurations to be used for future waves. For example, if you have selected 1 user using totes, you will not have to set this up every time you create a new wave.

Simply type your Template Name and press 'Create Waves' to complete the wave