Creating a Single Wave is similar to a 'Batch Pick'. The system will simply group all of the selected orders together and send the user to pick all of the products contained on the orders in the wave.

The system will not provide any organization for the products that are being picked. It will simply tell the user to pick the sum of the products spread out among all of the orders on the wave.

This method has a number of valuable uses. One example is, if you have 100 orders that are all single line orders with the same product, it makes sense to batch them together and pick them all at once.

If you need to organize the products as you pick the products you may want to consider using an Advanced Wave with Totes

To create a single wave, simply select the orders to add to the wave and click the 'Create Wave' dropdown at the top of the page. When presented with wave options, select 'Create a Single Wave'

Once the orders have been added to the wave, you will notice them dropping off of the Create Waves page for that view.