Under the Orders tab in the admin console, you will see a 'Wave Picking' section in the left side navigation bar

In this section you will see the following categories:

  • Wave Management - This section is used to view your waves after they have been created
  • Create Waves - This is the section used to create your waves from your existing order views
  • Automation - Set up automation to automatically create waves from your order views

Order Views for Wave Picking

By default, Warehouse Manager provides a few basic Order Views. These Order Views are a great starting point to create waves, or you can create your own view from scratch. Like Inventory Views, you can create Order Views to get a picture of orders in a specific status, filtered a certain way, with a set number of line items, etc. For more information, see our help center article on Views.

Common wave order views include:

  • Specific shipping carries/ service on orders
  • Single Item Orders
  • Best Sellers/Fast-Moving Items