When creating waves, you have the option to use a pick cart with totes.

An advanced wave has the option to automatically assign each order to a tote when processing a wave. This way, the user will build each order in a tote as they walk through the warehouse fulfilling the wave.

Creating a Pick Cart 

Navigate to Orders > Wave Picking > Pick Carts and Totes

Click the New Pick Cart section at the top of the page.

Give the cart a name then select the warehouse the cart will be located.

Click Add when finished. The new pick cart is now added to the list.

Creating Totes

Once you have a Pick Cart created you can then create totes that are assigned to that cart. First, click on the cart to expand the cart detail:

  • Click Add a Tote and select -Add New Tote- from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the new tote name and click the Add Tote. Example tote name: Tote-001
  • You will now see the tote listed as connected to that cart.

Note. Only option is 1 order per tote. If the number of orders on a wave is more than the number of totes that can fit on a cart, a second cart will be needed to finish the wave.

Importing Totes Via SNAP

Totes can also be imported via SNAP. Follow the steps below to add a tote via SNAP:

  • Add a job in SNAP for Bin Import.
  • Required fields for Bin Import include Bin, LocationName, and AccountNumber. Add desired fields, but for a tote import, CommonLocation will also need to be added.
  • Check the My CSV has headers box and select Match Headers.

Select the File you would like to upload by clicking browse, then hit next. 
When creating the file for import, keep in mind:

  • It must be a .csv document.
  • It must have the required fields shown above.
  • If you are importing totes, the “Bin” is the tote name, and “CommonLocation” will be TRUE.
  • If doing a bin import with totes and bins, any Bin Lines “CommonLocation” column would be FALSE.

See this example:

Once the job is added, RUN in SNAP to import the data.

Clear or Delete Carts

You can clear a cart together with its totes by clicking Clear Cart and Its Totes.

You can also delete pick carts with options to keep or delete their totes.

Clearing or Deleting Totes

You can also selectively clear or delete a tote by clicking on the checkbox beside them and choosing between clear or delete selected totes.

Moving Totes

Totes can also be moved from one pick cart to another. Select the tote(s) you wish to move and select the move selected tote button.

To view current and completed waves, navigate to Orders > Wave Picking > Wave Management.

  • This view by default will show Wave Number, List of Users, and Date Created.
  • It can be helpful to add/ edit the view to show Status, Order Count, and/or Percent Complete. This can be done by Editing the View or Creating a New View and adding Fields like Status, Order Count, and Percent Complete.

Note. Order status and wave status are independent of each other.

For more information, see our help article on Views.

Now that we have created wave(s) and set up a pick cart, these waves can be picked on mobile.