When creating waves you have the option to use a pick cart with totes. An advanced wave has the option to automatically assign each order to a tote when processing a wave. This way, the user will build each order in a tote as they walk through the warehouse fulfilling the wave.

Creating a Pick Cart

To create a pick cart, navigate to 'Orders' from the top nav bar in the admin console. From there, navigate to 'Wave picking > Pick Carts and Totes'

Next, Click the 'New Pick Cart' section at the top of the page:

Give the cart a name, and select the Warehouse that the cart will be located at. Click 'Add' when finished.

Creating Totes

Once you have a Pick Cart created you can then create totes that are assigned to that cart. First, click on the cart to expand the cart detail:

Click 'Add a Tote' and select '-Add New Tote-' from the drop down menu:

Give the tote a name and click the 'Add Tote' button. Example tote name: Tote-001

You will now see the tote listed as connect to that cart: